Keto is a low carb/high fat diet that goes beyond the definition of low carb. People following the plan do not go beyond 20 carbs in a day. By keeping carbs low, a moderate amount of protein, and a high level of healthy fats, people are able to bring their body to a state of Ketosis. In short, they help their body convert from burning carbs for energy to burning fat.

No matter how you feel about the trend, it is a trend that has been attracting a lot of attention lately. So, how can you cash in?

We have heard you, and we have some ideas that you can implement today!

  1. Start a Blog. People want recipes and information. By simply starting a blog to talk all things Keto, including some recipes, and parroting back information you have learned, you will draw in people. Chances are, those people will convert into ad sales.
  2. Write an E-Cookbook. People on Keto want creative recipes, and ideas. If you are already a foodie, this may be an easy way for you to make money on an existing trend! Because of the nature of e-books, it will take minimal effort with big rewards. When combined with a website or blog, you can also use it to lure in new visitors.
  3. Already Keto? Share Your Journey! The easiest way to make money from this trend is to jump on the bandwagon. If you are following a Keto lifestyle, you already know what people are looking for. While you work on your health, you can make money by writing about your experience. If you start a blog, bring in advertisers that support your values. Not only will you already feel passionate about the product, making it easier for you to write about, but you can genuinely tell people whether or not it works.

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