As the first in a series of interviews with business owners and direct sales consultants, I would like to introduce you to Brandy. Thanks to her business, she has the freedom to take care of those she love, and make money while doing what she loves!

Tell us a little about Paparazzi.

Some people think Paparazzi is just about the lead-free and nickel-free jewelry, but it is so much more than that. Paparazzi is affordable, fabulous fashion that boosts confidence and self esteem. Paparazzi jewelry may not change the world but I believe those who wear it have the power to.

What was it about the company that inspired you to invest in their business opportunity?

I invested in the Paparazzi business opportunity for many reasons. I get to work from home and create my own schedule. As a mom fostering to adopt my oldest daughters half sisters, I needed the flexibility. I also love the quality and affordability of the jewelry.

What are some of the benefits you enjoy as a consultant?

I enjoy many benefits as a Paparazzi consultant. I get to be my own boss and make my own schedule. I never have to worry about being fired if I miss a few days of work. I choose when I get paid, how I get paid, and how much I get paid. One of the benefits I enjoy the most is being able to have all the gorgeous $5 jewelry I want.

Like many things, there is the good and the bad. What would you consider the downside to your business?

The only downside I can think of is, if you do not have very many connections you will have to work a little harder to build your business. I can promise you that the hard work will be worth it in the end.

If you could go back and start your business over, what would you do differently?

I honestly do not believe I would do anything different. When I started the time just felt right. I have loved and continue to love my Paparazzi journey. After all, it is not about the destination it is about the journey.

If someone would like to become a consultant, how much would it cost? What are the requirements?

Paparazzi has three different starter kits:

  • The preview pack for $99 it has 35 pieces of jewelry and other tools to get your business started.
  • The small home party kit for $299 it has 120 pieces of jewelry and other tools to get your business started.
  • The large home party kit for $499 it has 200 pieces of jewelry and other tools to get your business started.

The only real requirement to join Paparazzi is to choose and purchase a starter kit, have the motivation, and the drive to sell the jewelry.

What is your final piece of advice to anyone looking to invest in a business?

My final piece of advice to anyone looking to invest in a business is to always invest in a business you are passionate about, and believe in. Not every day will be perfect but never give up. Hard work always pays off, both mentally and physically. Most importantly, always follow your dreams.

You can find Brandi on her Paparazzi page or on Facebook at Sinister Sparkles $5 Bling Boutique.

Would you like a featured interview? Email me at for more information!


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