Want to make an impression? You need to stand out from the crowd! So many companies get lost in the mix. Often a brand that stands out most is also a pioneer in it’s industry. If not a pioneer, they are really good at marketing themselves in a way that garners them more attention than the competiton.

Business Insider has announced their top 25 brands people love. Honestly, most of these are no surprise. People do love them, whether or not we understand the reason why.

So how can you end up on a future ‘top’ list?

  1. Stand out from the crowd. The best way to make people know without a doubt that you are far superior from existing products is by standing out above the rest. Let people see why you are the better option.
  2. If possible, be a pioneer and make a stand alone product. As the competition clones your product, continue to make it obvious they will not match the original.
  3. Invest in marketing. The biggest part of getting ahead is making sure people know you exist. Don’t be afraid to start small and build from there. Just don’t let your business stall or get comfortable. Motivate yourself to reach milestones. Don’t ever assume you have reached the end goal.
  4. Design is important. A bland package will not translate well into sales. The visual is just as much as a selling point as effectiveness.

If you have not come up with the next best idea, now would be a good time to consider what makes people love Cheerios, Colgate, Amazon, and such. Replicate their success with your own twist!


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