Do you need employees? Now what?

The answer to drawing in and retaining employees may be found in LinkedIn’s list of top companies this year.

The 30 companies they outline have amazing programs in place to not only keep employee’s happy, but also draw in a constant stream of new employees. It is no surprise that the parent company for Google, Alphabet, tops that list.

What can you do? Make sure your employees have the ability to maintain a happy work-life balance! You don’t need sleep pods, and ridiculous accommodations to keep your employees. Just offer them things that will make life easier.

A flexible work life, so they can take care of their home life, is a good start. Support mental health among your employees. Acknowledge that people are going to need time off with family. Have a working single parent in your ranks? Make it possible for them to work for you, yet still raise their kids. If you accept that your employee’s have a life outside your company, and make it easier for them to live it, they are less likely to walk away from you. Also, word will travel, and people will come knocking on your doors!

What are some ways you have already made your company employee-friendly?


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