I often have an opportunity to work with the general public, and see first hand what they do or do not want within my own region. The trend I am seeing the most is, surprisingly, the anti-health trend.

Companies spend a lot of time trying to tell people why their product is better, and healthier than similar options. What if they did the exact opposite? Is there a niche market here?

While we do not always want a heart attack just sitting on the shelves of our local grocery store, we cannot deny that unhealthy marketing works. Fast food industries have been able to market themselves to these people for years. Whether it is a carb and saturated fat filled, triple burger with bacon, or similar item. People who hate health food are pulled in. People on the health train avoid it.

Convinced? Well, here two some ideas to help you get started.

  1. Want to make something that appears unhealthy but, in reality, will not kill off your customers? Hide the health benefits! Advertise the flavor benefits. People love flavor, and are more willing to assume it is not a health product if it tastes good.
  2. Actually take the time to promote your food as the anti-health health food. Tell people this is for the fat kid inside all of us! Make sure people realize this is for them. If you tell your market like it is, they are likely to love you all the more.

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