Employee retention is a valuable trait in a company. People want to work at companies that retain the majority of their workforce. Also, companies are more productive when their employees are well trained, and experienced. So, how can you spot an employee that is ready to quit?

A recent study states that you can spot an unhappy employee up to 9 months before they quit! The key is to look at the level of engagement your employees have with their work. If they seem to be losing interest in their job, be prepared to watch them walk.

The real question is, how can you change this situation? The answer may be in the blunt approach! Ask questions, and you shall receive the information you need. Sometimes, yes, you cannot please some people. Sometimes it may be just a shift in company policy that can resolve your turnover rate. Personalize their work experience! Offer flexibility in scheduling! Value your employees, and they are more likely to value their work.


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