I almost want to go back in time and show my business teacher the article I am writing now.

She did not have workbooks in 2002 on the expansion of e-commerce, and was put in a position to expand her workbook offerings to include this topic just for me.

I desperately wanted to start an online business at 17 years old. E-commerce was relatively new still, and no one believed it would be all that viable as a career.

Yet, here I am. I am almost at the point of yelling, “I told you so,” in the face of a woman who is probably retired. Why? Because the trends are saying that up to 75,000 US companies my close and go strictly online.

The internet has evolved immensely. E-commerce is not what it was when I started studying business. However, it is becoming necessary for success.

If you have a product to sell, being placed in a brick and mortar store is not the only option you have. Shipping directly to the customer has cracked the market wide open for new product-based businesses. Now stores can sell your product by listing it on their website. It is easier for your product to be sought and found today, in comparison to the early 2000’s.

While traditional sales are slowly dying, that also means online sales are on the rise. It calls for skills that are a little less traditional. It also means these companies can have employees working from home, or in a centralized office. Homesourcing and outsourcing are possible for the bootstrapping startup, and startups cost less.

This shift has some good and bad, but for the tech savvy individual, this can be a business (or employment) opportunity that traditional shops don’t offer!


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