I have worked in customer service for many years. Whether I was selling myself as a writer, selling a product for a company, or simply working as a cashier in fast food. Each job taught me something new. Combined, I learned that there are many skills that you need to succeed!

If you did not crash coarse your way through fast food as a teen, it is ok. I have some advice you can use today. Once you know what you need to succeed, you will just need to fine tune those skills on your own.

You cannot fake life experience. Don’t pretend. The more real you are, the more relatable you are. Relatability is necessary. People are more likely to trust you if you can find common ground. Practice this skill in your day-to-day life. Greet people while you shop. Reach out to those who appear to have similarities to you. Are they wearing a shirt you wish you owned? Remark on that shirt, mentioning what you like. More often than not, this will stop them and bring their attention to you. Your ability to spot potential introductions will get better over time. You cannot sell to someone who does not feel a connection to you!

Are you introducing yourself to a potential customer? Make eye contact! This does not mean you should stare at your customer in a creepy format. There is a difference between eye contact and a stare down. When you approach, make sure you introduce yourself while making your relatable remark, and look them in the eye. Let them know they have your attention. They are the most important thing in the world at that moment, and you are riveted by their interest in what you have to say.

You cannot pretend your way into customer service. You need to be genuine. Genuinely caring about the person in front of you will make the sale much easier to make. You will need your active listening skills. Not all moments are selling moments. However, who are they going to remember and contact later for your type of product? Will it be company A that was disinterested in any of their concerns? No. It will be the one who heard what they had to say. If you actively make an effort to show them you are interested, care, and want to see that customer succeed, that customer will be more loyal to you.

Not all customers are a great experience. Everyone has that one negative customer that tries to spread their negativity to the rest of the customer base. Kill bad customers with kindness. Shut down the negativity, take care of any legitimate issues, and let the rest of your customer base know that you will do what is necessary to be the company they expect. As long as your company follows your values, this should not be too difficult.

What does your company represent? You need to dress for success! That is not necessarily a suit and tie. Dress for the group you hope to impress. If you are you looking to impress big business, traditional business means dressing in traditional clothes. You will need to do a little research. The average Joe does not want to see a stock market type addressing them. They want to see someone more relatable. Dress to impress your audience.

While you are dressing to impress your audience, make sure you know more about them. Research your audience for success! You cannot sell to someone if you know nothing about them. Selling organic food to a community that has very little interest is a waste of time and investment.


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