Everyone has that service they love to use for their music. My daughter loves Spotify, I am a fan of IHeartRadio. However, soon they may be elbowed out by big business: Amazon.

Amazon has opened discussions over starting their own music streaming service. It would be a direct rival to Spotify. Being they are already a large brand, the expansion makes sense. However, they also hold the power to smother those without the same brand power.

Since it was announced Monday, Spotify has taken a hit in the stock market. Just how hard of a hit they will take remains to be seen. I do know the Amazon service could launch as early as next week.

Rumors noted that the music options may be limited. If this is the case, it could very well depend on how much Amazon chooses to offer. If the music they share is too limited, the customer base for Spotify, and other competitors, may choose to stay with their existing services.

What do you think this means for Spotify and similar music streaming services?


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