Ever felt like something cost too much, and you decide someone needs to take action? The majority of people just accept their situation, and they move on with life. Well, if you are Oprah, you don’t have to!

Oprah felt the the cost of avocados was ridiculous, so she bought an orchard. Now she travels with her own private stock of avocados.

While this is not a viable option for many, the approach is not far off from what many inventors have done. See a need? Fill it! Inspiration is one of the main reasons why people have been inventing products since the beginning of time!

Business owners tend to start out by finding a void in a market, and making a leap as well. Her mindset is not far off from the average inventor/entrepreneur.

Whether you like Oprah or not, I think we can agree that her business sense is alive and well. She simply applied that sense to retaining a product she wanted for personal use.


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