For one day only, yes it will be on the openly celebrated 4/20, and in just one Denver location, you can get a CBD infused burger from Carl’s Jr.

While marijuana and its counterparts have been legal in the area for some time, this is a fast food first. The sandwich, which is called the Rocky Mountain High Cheeseburger Delight is up for a one day trial. If all goes well, it could make a wider and more permanent appearance.

According to Carl’s Jr, CBD oil is on the rise as a culinary trend. People are finding ways to infuse it into their food, in the tastiest way possible. What does this mean for them or fast food in general? It remains to be seen.

It appears that the edible train is heading mainstream. Whether it is actual edibles or, like this one day find, it is derived from hemp and avoids all federal legal issues. Are you ready to jump on board?


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