In an effort to move away from container waste, PepsiCo is launching a new product dispenser for the food service industry.

I live in a state that handles can and bottle returns using a deposit system, and the health department does not allow outside containers to be filled in restaurant self-fill soda machines. Technically, their product already exists. Am I missing something within this trend?

Their dispensers have not been completed yet. How they plan to market and use these remains to be seen. At this point in time, it feels a lot like a wasted investment. We should already be able to do these things! We can at gas stations. Unfortunately, restaurants restrict these options. Also, those who do buy can, plastic, or glass soda-filled containers tend to prefer it. They do not want a fountain style product.

If you ask me, a regulation change and deposits on bottles or cans in all states would do a lot more good. We don’t need another dispenser.


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