In need of a mid afternoon boost, but not the caffeine of a traditional cup of coffee? The Coke-Cola brand wants to introduce you to Coke Coffee.

I am not yet sure if this is niche or not. How many people actually look for less caffeine than coffee and less sugar than soda, all in one drink? This feels a lot like a ploy to sway the anti-energy to the dark side.

As a matter of fact, those who are not fans of overly caffeinated beverages are an existing market. I am one. Generally speaking, those who want all the added caffeine also have high tolerance levels to the substance from overuse.

Coke Coffee offers an interesting twist to the energy market. They will not overdose their customer on caffeine or sugar, however that mid afternoon slump suddenly seems more manageable. It may be just what the industry ordered for those who avoid the energy market.

Sometimes all it takes is a middle-of-the-road product to introduce new customers into a market they previously avoided.


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