Earth day has come and gone, but that does not mean we should stop caring for the planet.

BioCellection founders spoke at this years Women in the World summit about plastics, and how they are killing our planet.

Realistically, the oceans are littered with plastic waste. Landfills are full of the stuff. What isn’t being recycled or lost in a landfill, you will find that plastic burned. Burning plastic released CO2, and causes a variety of other problems.

When only a small percentage of recycled plastic is actually recycled, it seems we need more options. This is where this startup comes in. They are inventing recycling for the least recyclable of plastic.

If their company is successful, the hope is that more plastic will be saved from landfills, waterways, oceans, and burning purposes.

The next time I recycle my soda bottle, I am really going to question where it really ends up! What other ways can we, as entrepreneurs, make a better business using recycled products?


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