Customization at affordable rates has been something people have requested for a very long time. From custom jewelry to custom clothing, the industry exists. However, the custom clothing industry doesn’t exactly exist at affordable rates. You can change that now!

Do a quick made-to-measure search of the web. What do you see? I see a niche market just begging for someone with big dreams to step in!

You might notice the majority of the results are from traditional styles, and mostly male-based options. Either you want a woman’s suit, or you want some dressier men’s attire. From this opening, I see an opportunity for you!

Using a female standpoint, this would be a good time to enter into made to order fashion for fashionista’s. Rather than out of the box styles, you could design and custom make similar styles for a variety of body types. An opportunity like this, at a price for those who are not rich enough for their own tailor, creates an opening in the market for designer-entrepreneurs (designeurs). You could choose the seasonal looks to offer, and tailor them for those who want clothes that fit.

Women everywhere would love you!

Starting small and expanding is well within your means. Did you know there is a market for these clothes on Etsy? Being a custom, handmade business also means your clothes qualify for their market. Suddenly your expenses have shrunk. As you grow, you can later move to an outside market. That does not mean you should avoid your own website. Securing a domain and blog now will help you in the long run. If you can generate content, post on related topics, and form a good presence, your business could go anywhere!

What about the men? Their custom market has been around a little longer, and offers a little more competition than the women’s side. That does not mean it is a loss. It may simply require you to get a little more creative. In my search, I noticed a severe lack of casual wear. Men are no different than women. They want to be fashionable, and they want their clothes to fit. The casual market may be worth a deeper look. It may also offer you an opportunity to make extra money from the start, without the exaggerated effort of a full custom suit.

If you do enter the made-to-measure business, you may need to choose a theme for your company. If you diversify too quickly, you will expend all of your investment before you can generate some profit. Step in with one foot at a time. Make a decision, start small, and grow. Unless you have a large starting investment, there is no shame in humble beginnings. One or two custom pieces, if successful, can gradually become a whole line later. Baby steps are still steps, and each step forward is another success! Don’t be afraid to shake up your line a little, as well. Your best bet is to poll your market audience. Learn what they want most, and give it to them!

Before you make any decisions, please consider one thing:

How much will you have to charge to see a return on investment(ROI)? Can you compete at that price?

Like always, do your legwork. Make sure you will be able to take on your competition, not let your competition beat you out of the gate. Do not forget to compare quality and available options when making your decision.


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