Water bottles are a great way for people to carry water without clogging up the planet with plastic waste, but what about the cleaning process? A new water bottle has joined the market in making water bottles cleaner: Larq.

Recently Business Insider gave the innovative bottle a try.

At nearly $100 each, we all agree the bottle comes with a hefty price tag. What I did not expect was their seal of approval.

Whether you manage to squeeze your hand into the bottle or use an actual bottle brush made for the job, the bottle never gets fully clean. While some would call this good enough (including me and my cheap bottles I buy at Walmart for under $10), those who are a little more phobic of remaining germs may not.

Germaphobes, this bottle is made for you!

The Larq uses UV-C to sanitize the bottle and purify the water in it. While I am not an expert, UV-C technology is said to be the same technology used for sanitization in hospitals. Even at this cost, people cannot deny that their bottles are clean.

Since the purpose of the bottle is to hold water, the bottle and charging cord is waterproof. No need to fret, you will avoid electric shock while taking a quick drink.

In an industry clogged with traditional and reusable water bottles, Larq found a way to stand out. Considering the amount of technology that was put into the product, the price is reasonable. They found a niche and took advantage. A self sanitizing water bottle is a whole new market for inventors to explore!

While I will not invest in this bottle anytime soon, would you?


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