PR nightmares can happen to anyone. One small misstep, poor wording, an offensive action, and poor management of employee actions can raise a lot of problems. Cynet Systems claims to have corrected the latter issue in a recent scandal.

An job ad written by the company was recently posted online, and removed for asking ‘preferably Caucasion’ candidates to apply.

In a country where race is protected by the government, this seems like a PR nightmare that could have been avoided.

Cynet was not the company looking to hire. They are a company that places job listings for other companies who are looking to hire. Although, now they have a few positions open within their own listing department! They fired the guilty employees. The job description has also been changed or removed.

Now, I have to wonder if this could have been avoided entirely. If they have employees who write the description for companies who hope to hire, wouldn’t they also have a department that could check for obvious violations? Furthermore, this doesn’t appear to be a decision that was made in one department. It sounds like someone made a decision to include the text long before writing and posting the job requirements.

Shouldn’t the source, not the middle man, face all of the consequences?

Business is fickle. Unfortunately for many, the fine print means someone else can make a decision, you must follow, and you face their consequences.

I would like to commend Cynet for quickly handling the issue and the apology. Their reputation protection strategy served them well.


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