Over 20 years ago, Del Oro struck a deal with Costa Rica to dump their orange peels and pulp in a barren area of land on their conservation. In return, they traded them a portion of land on their border. It was an amazing deal that ended abruptly when the competition sued.

Over 15 years passed, and a student became curious about the outcome from that deal. No one expected to find a lush land full of plants and trees!

Basically, Costa Rica and one juice producer proved something that many had not really considered prior to now:

Not all waste is bad!

It is believed the peels helped put nutrients back into the land, and allowed plants to flourish. This is composting on a grand scale!

Now that we have seen what this can do in large scale, it is time to learn and grow from this experience.

How can we do more to put waste to work in our favor?


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