While I could have started with any step, the one I am the most passionate about is customer service. The customer will make or break your business. So, how can you keep them happy?

Personalize Your Approach With Customers!

I have said it before, a personal approach with the customer generates sales. If they feel you care about them, they will care about you.

Here are some ways you can personalize the consumer experience:

  • Use their first name when applicable. No one wants to frequent a business where they go unnoticed. Acknowledging your customers and showing you recognize them generates loyalty.
  • Offer effective customer service. Either you or your team should actively listen to all customers. Use responses that show you have heard their concerns.
  • Follow up with customers after the sale. Use the information you collected at the point of sale (POS) to contact them. Even those who don’t reach out may have input you can use.
  • Send cards or emails to your customers. Celebrate a holiday or their birthday with them using written words.

Basically, how would you greet an old friend? That is exactly how you should greet all customers.

Even your grumpy customers should be met with kindness!

Do you have a favorite customer? Let them know by making them a part of the inner circle! Also known as a VIP, these people are your best source for word of mouth advertising. They help you, and let them know you notice!

You may be wondering how you can do this. Well, I have my own customer experience that may help you:

I used to frequent a local coffee shop religiously. They knew me by name, and I quickly befriended many of the baristas. Christmas was approaching and they were discussing their annual employee party. By the time I left that afternoon, I was invited.

Why not invite your VIP customers to the proverbial Christmas party?

How does your business stand out with your customers?

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