Ah, yes. The war of ageism is alive and well among the older generation and millennial-aged entrepreneurs. This does expand past politics, and I am not surprised.

A recent article on INC takes a negative look at young entrepreneurs and tries to dampen our beliefs. Surprised? I am not.

Our millennial generation takes a look at life in a way most have not prior to the early 80’s. We care a lot about living a happier life. We want to see diversity, work/life balance, passion, education, and growth through experience.

At what point in time is it considered wrong to want a better world than the older generation has known?!

The INC article is very biased, as my overview is here. Ultimately, the older generation does have experience. However, damning us for learning through a different path is no different than us damning you for being set in your ways.

We can grow and learn from each other! That simple.

On which side of the coin do you fall?


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