It is almost guaranteed that a company will make a change if caught violating privacy rights. If caught, they do the PR thing and champion privacy changes instead. Facebook did. Google is.

As a matter of fact, the tools that Google hopes to release will put all of the control in the hands of the user. They will be able to specify what information is collected, used, and passed on to other companies. This shift could put a serious dent in a billion dollar information industry!

What does this mean for you? That depends. If you don’t particularly care one way or another, you will keep living life as it stands. For those who want change, this is their opportunity to stop the collection of their information in a big way. This is a lot more than just ‘relevant advertising’.

From a business standpoint, it could make sales a little harder to make. If you do not know your audience, you cannot sell to them. The collection of this information may have been how you determined or reached your market.

As a user, the privacy means a lot more. It means the freedom to enter information into your computer or device without the fear of where your information will go next.

Where do you stand?


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