Do you work for Amazon, but want to leave the company? They may pay you $10k plus 3 months gross income if you leave. There is just one thing they need you to do: start your own delivery business to deliver their products.

It is not often we hear of companies paying their employees to leave. Yet, not every company is Amazon. They are extending opportunities to their employees that definitely fall outside the norm. They are turning their employees into entrepreneur/contractors.

A large scale delivery business actually has the potential to reach up to $300,000 in solid profits. There is a disclaimer, though. Amazon makes no guarantees. They also do not base that figure off of existing delivery companies. Basically…

Do your own research!

For aspiring entrepreneurs, this could be an invaluable opportunity. The freedom of being the boss tends to lure in many. The potential for success is very tempting. However, with great rewards comes the risk.

Failing in business could mean going from employer to employee again in the future. This business also requires you to depend on Amazon’s continued success. If they fail, so will you.

What would you do?


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