Automation is extremely important. While it can help you by getting tasks completed with little to no effort on your part, it helps the most by saving you time and sanity.

Going back to the customer side of business, emails or cards to wish your customer a happy birthday can be fully automated! If you spent one day a month personally writing emails to customers with an upcoming birthday, for example, you would lose precious time better spent working elsewhere. While customer retention is important, fully original messages are not entirely necessary. An automated system will allow you to send a scripted email, personalized with the customers name or information. You just automated an integral part of customer retention! It takes minimal effort, not much investment, and you made your customer feel special. I would call that a win!

Business process automation (BPA) is the professional term to describe what you should do. To sum up the basis for this topic: If you spot repetition in your day to day business, you can automate it (credit).

Do you remember the meaning of the acronym, KISS? It stands for ‘Keep It Simple Stupid,’ and it definitely applies here. If the process can be simplified and repeated, then do it. This will make your life easier, and you will spend less time programming your system to do what you want. Here are some potential automation ideas for you:

  • Following up with a customer about their purchase.
  • Customer surveys.
  • Business performance tracking.
  • Birthday or holiday greetings.
  • Statistics.
  • Social media messages. However, a personal touch is necessary for responding to customers using this format.
  • Tracking news related to your industry.
  • Reputation monitoring.

As you can see, there is quite a bit of automation you can use. Take advantage of it, and you will find your time freed up for those tasks that require a more hands on approach.

Advertising has the potential for automation as well. Also known as a business cycle, that moves us on to the next week’s topic: marketing. Come back to find out more about that step!


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