We hear a lot of things about big business, the man, trying to take down the little guy. So what does a billion dollar machine company have in common with a small coffee shop? A trademark fight against over the use of ‘cat’.

Yes, you heard that right. Caterpillar INC. is going after a small company called Cat and Cloud Coffee simply because of the 3 letter word.

In a perfect world, the legal system is there to help protect the innocent and punish the guilty. Unfortunately the world is not perfect, and big business is quite aware. With a trademark on the word, they hope to push the small company to change their name.

Before it was a trademark to Caterpillar, it was a word describing an animal. The cease and desist sounds more like a scare tactic than an actual concern. Either that or the big business has nothing better to do than go after small coffee shops.

Which side of the debate do you fall?


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