We all know some famous pairings. Pen and paper. Cake and ice cream. How about pizza and wings?

As a matter of fact, most major pizza companies sell wings as a side. They accompany the existing finger food nicely without much added equipment. Easy profit with minimal effort, right?

The history behind the pair goes way back. As a matter of fact, they are so successful that other companies have tried to pair it with their offerings too. Some, like McDonald’s, failed.

Restaurants can be successful of they find a niche product to compliment their featured foods.

As a matter of fact, this pairing is just one example. You can find success with your own pairs. Standing out, yet complimenting your existing product, is a great way to draw in more sales.

What is your feature and how can you make people beg for more? Once you can answer that question, you are half way there!


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