Hint: Those words do not include please and thank you. Although, manners do help.

A recent INC. article states that a simple phrase, “Most of my customers…” is all you need.

Ok, so you have the 4 magic words, how or why do they work?

The fact of the matter is that people like suggestions. You are basically telling your customer what to do without telling them what to do. You are suggesting they try a specific product or service because most of your customers find success with that option.

Think of it like planting a seed in the ground. Eventually you will have a plant. Your suggestion is that seed and the plant is exactly what occurs when they decide you and your customer base must be right!

This is also referred to as suggestive selling (upselling or a litany of other fancy sales terms also apply here). It is a powerful form of sales that does work with the right audience.

Do not lie about what you are selling. If you say that most of your customers purchase a product or option for a quality reason, at least make sure it is true. It may still result in sales, but your customers are less likely to be happy about it.


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