Manners are a must in business. They are especially important if you are trying to sell your skills to a potential employer. Taking the time to thank everyone you met during the interview process speaks volumes. It will help paint you as a considerate person who is detail oriented.

Put yourself in the employer’s shoes.

Interviewing managers see multiple people for the position you seek over a short period of time. As someone who is in a position where I see multiple faces each day, it takes something extra to make certain faces stand out. A polite thank you email can express more than those two words.

As an entrepreneur, you should look at that person a little closer. Someone willing to show appreciation for your time may be worth more than some alternatives.

Employees who appreciate an opportunity with your company are more likely to grow with you than someone just hunting with no interest in your mission.

What does a simple “Thank You” post interview mean to you?


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