New businesses struggle with knowing when they should and should not hire. It is a difficult question to answer. INC recently shared 3 signs for whether you need to hire, and I have a few ideas to help you decide whether it is what you need!

The major question you need to ask yourself is, “Do you have the funds?” Bootstrapping a business can mean you are the sole employee in your own company. If you cannot afford to hire, don’t be afraid to start small!

What about your customer base? Do you have the clientele to warrant hiring an employee? Often enough, as you get started, there is only enough work for you. Unless you have more clients than help, maybe you should wait.

What does the market look like? If you are in a hot market, dont be afraid to hire help. You are going to need the assistance if you are entering a fire market already. They will be what helps you keep running when you finally push your business into the spotlight.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to get your own hands dirty. Even if you do hire someone, that does not mean you should not have to do some of the heavy lifting, too.


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