There are varying viewpoints when it comes to direct sales/multi-level marketing (MLM). Some feel it is the opportunity they dreamed about. Some feel it is a financial trap.

Ultimately it is your decision. However, some believe the money spent is not worth the income that shows on their 1099.

I beg to differ, of course.

The example used, Tupperware, is only one form of direct selling. There are many companies and examples available. It is impossible to judge a whole genre on the tactics used by one company in a single region.

The fact of the matter is that companies like this, Paparazzi, Pink Zebra, Color Street, Scensy, and etc. all use their own success plan!

Like any good business, it is possible to start small and expand later. Those who complain about their financial losses don’t usually take that approach. Starting small allows you to limit your investment while you learn how to sell your wares!

Even traditional business requires small businesses to start from scratch and grow over time. Why not your new MLM opportunity too?

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