Today is not an article or trend. Today I am sharing my own opinion piece.

Even though it is almost 2020, there is one thing I have seen grow much too slowly in the business world: Self-expression!

Visible tattoo’s and piercings come with a stigma. Traditionalists are hesitant to do business with those who do not represent traditional business. Why?!

Millenials and up are not traditional! Until I let my piercings close, I had lip and nose rings. Would their presence make me any less credible today? No. The same applies for anyone entering the work force or business world today.

Self-expression, visible or not, does not define a person, their intelligence level, or their capabilities. How they present their knowledge and perform in the field does.

I have seen (yes, seen) this prejudice first hand. I am here to say it is time to stop judging and acknowledge an individuals’ ability instead!

The next time someone walks in for an interview looking presentable, knowledgable, prepared, and tattooed, it may be time to heed my words and offer them that opportunity.

It is time for your company to decide how to handle self-expression and evaluate existing policies.


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