Amazon was recently under fire for poor work conditions in their factory. So, what do they do? Retrain existing employees for different positions within the company or better jobs elsewhere.

The training they offer will allow their employees to slide into more technical jobs. Considering that field seems to be growing non-stop, it is training that one of the 100k+ employees can use anywhere.

Entrepreneurs can learn from this move by Amazon.

  1. Employee’s who feel like they are treated well will be more loyal.
  2. Invest in educating your employees, and they will do their best work with you.
  3. Those who accept technical training to advance themselves are often willing to take less pay to continue their immediate advancement.
  4. Making a positive move immediately after criticism can deflect from the bad press.

Teaching on the job is a great way to build a strong workforce for your company and it makes your company more attractive to others.


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