I have never been a fan of the Goodwill store brand.

  1. Their products are donated.
  2. They do not donate any of their donated products to help people in need.
  3. Their prices range by region, but often they charge prices near retail value for preowned products.
  4. They barely pay minimum wage and they only offer part-time hours. This means their crew does not make a living income.

Goodwill in Illinois is taking it a step further. Here soon they will no longer pay employees for their efforts. They will offer the experience as their reward for a hard day of work.

Corporate Goodwill is dropping the ball with the public on this one. They already offer their employees as little as possible. Taking away the sole income for some of their crew is beyond disgusting.

In a business where you resell used, donated products, what you have is overhead and wages. If you take away the wages of your base crew, what do you have left?

Fatter checks for corporate employees?

I am interested in seeing where this goes. In the meantime, if you want to do your community some good – pay your employees!

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