It has been said repeatedly in business: Employees leave bad bosses, not jobs.

It is true. How many have left one job, just to work again in the same field for a competitor?

Often, it is the people they work for that can sour the work environment. It is preventable, though! How?

Well, there are a few suggestions available. I want to tackle the one I find to be the most beneficial and effective:

Self awareness!

Surprisingly, self awareness is exactly what a good leader needs (and many lack). By being aware of your behaviors, traits, management faux pas’, and your overall style, you can make adjustments and learn. You can grow into an effective leader.

Self evaluation is key. Periodically look back at some of your employee interactions and question how it was handled. What were your strengths? What could you do differently to create more effective, happy employees?

As a matter of fact, self awareness not only works well in business but also works well with personal growth.


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