Dollar stores saw their biggest boom during the most recent recession. People wanted to save money, and they helped them do exactly that. The local dollar store is a great way to find what you want at prices few can beat. So, why are they so bad?

The argument is that they are killing traditional grocery stores and their customers because they do not offer healthy food choices. They are well known for cheap junk food.

Think about your own local rural communities for a moment.

I live in a small town where the only store with affordable food is Dollar General. To really grocery shop, you need to go about 5 miles west to visit the local Walmart or Meijer. While the big box supercenters do offer healthy food and better prices, my local Dollar General does not require too much gas or even a car (if you are motivated enough). You can buy bagged, canned food at reduced prices.

For someone well below the poverty line, the choice is not hard to make.

The main argument is that dollar stores win over customers through saturation. If you put enough of the stores in one area, people are bound to utilize them. Furthermore they are cheaper to build and run, requiring less space and manpower than a traditional grocery store.

Entrepreneurs may find a cheap dollar store a safe bet to launch. However, a full grocery store may benefit the community more.

Which would you rather see in your local, rural community?

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