Trash is inevitable in today’s world. However, it does not have to pollute our planet. A new startup, Sierra Energy, has raised $33 million dollars with one goal in mind: vaporize trash and turn it into clean energy!

The company made the news mostly because of their financial backers, Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Mostly Bill Gates run, it also includes men like Richard Branson Jeff Bezos. Let’s talk about the real breakthrough, though:

Someone finally found a clean way to dispose of trash and recycle the gases produced!

I am curious to see where this goes. They are not a recycling replacement. They are simply taking leftover garbage that cannot go into recycling. Essentially, they recycle the unrecyclable!

Using their process to breakdown trash, they create a mix of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The gas is captured, not released into the atmosphere. The gas is then recycled to create things like jet fuel, plastic, or even fertilizer.

Could this be the death of landfills?

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