Our economy today has more jobs to fill than talent to fill them. That is why many companies are becoming more lenient with their drug screens and background checks.

Just a few years ago, certain offenses or failing a screening for some drugs would be an automatic fail. Today, employers are so desperate they are willing to overlook some small issues.

Minor drug offense? Who cares! Positive for marijuana? Oh well!

This is definitely not an employer’s market. The ball is in the employee’s court.

As an entrepreneur, what does this mean for you?

Basically, it means you need to be more competitive. To find good talent, you need to offer what potential employees want!

Selling a position within your company should be no different from selling a product to a customer. Potential employees are your customers.

Once you know what the talent pool wants, give it to them within reason.

Don’t be afraid to train those with potential, either. Just because you cannot afford the wages or extras established talent wants does not mean there are no good employees at your disposal. Now may be a good time to train those with less experience and nurture a more loyal employee from scratch!

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