Grocer’s Plastic Bag Shaming Backfires

A grocery store in Vancouver, BC recently rolled out a collection of plastic bags meant to shame shoppers into using reusable bags, and failed miserably. Their lineup of 3 bags are now sought after by those who love the humor behind it. While the grocer may be disappointed the shaming did not work, there is … Continue reading Grocer’s Plastic Bag Shaming Backfires


Walmart Turns Towards AI to Better Serve YOU!

Walmart is trying out a new approach to serving the customer with their new AI system called intelligent retail lab (IRL). The store, which recently opened in New York state, is fine tuned to be the perfect customer experience. The system controls availability and stock quality, guaranteeing you exactly what you need. It genuinely sounds … Continue reading Walmart Turns Towards AI to Better Serve YOU!

Bizop: The Made-To-Measure Industry

Customization at affordable rates has been something people have requested for a very long time. From custom jewelry to custom clothing, the industry exists. However, the custom clothing industry doesn't exactly exist at affordable rates. You can change that now! Do a quick made-to-measure search of the web. What do you see? I see a … Continue reading Bizop: The Made-To-Measure Industry